One of the most beatiful special paints made by an airline. Actually not yet flying in real world but will come out soon.
For the PMDG 777-300ER (the expansion of the 777 base pack). As you can see in the video the plane is using Rolls-Royce engines, I didn't followed that ideia since the reg JA789A is a trully 77W with GE-90 engines and even the 777X will follow the 300ER with GE engines.
(Maybe the illustrator of ANA is a british guy, so they choosed to use Rolls Royce).

By far the most pleasent and hardest repaint to make, took me around 60 hours and 150 layers.
Enjoy it!

UPDATED: New 1.1 version with the correct alpha on the fuselage! 

Expect more updates when the real plane came out from the paint hangar soon!

Download - MEGA

Download - AVSIM