The Tenkuu Developers Studio aka TDS released few days ago the paintkit for their Boeing 727, which looks incredible and by far the best external model we have of this classic plane!

Starting a series of repaint for this plane, I got ALL Varig Log paints of this brazilian cargo company which ceased operations in 2012.

They are listed above by timeline:

  1. PP-VQV with the classic Varig wave in the belly.
  2. PP-VQU blue belly and light blue stripes.
  3. PR-LGB all white "albino" scheme.
The model is for the FS2004 and FSX, but runs fine on P3D. Probably this repaint will work on the FS2004, but I'm not sure and will not give any tech support for that.

UPDATE 1.1: Right door painting removed

You can download the model here and the repaint below: