Back to the business with one of most sucefull birds of Long Beach: the MD-80! In this case the MD-83 of  the argentinian Andes Líneas Aereas portraid to the Fly The MadDogX by Leonardo.

My first time flying a Leonardo's bird, and it's pretty awesome besides the shitty sound (which can be solved getting the TSS soundpack). The aircraft reg is LV-AYD and it's used a lot on charter/non-schedule flights in the south corner of the Americas. 

Tested only on P3DV4 version.

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I never imagined that one repaint will be more challeging than the Star Wars BB-8 one. So after a few weeks of work and driven by the beats of Ultra Music Festival sets, I finished this Singapore Airlines Tropical!

It's good to know that have been two aircraft in this amazing paint, 9V-SPK and 9V-SPL. In this repaint, I put the SPL regs.

That's for a good reason, for you who don't know, SPK had crash in Taiwan back in October of 2000. Was a night with bad weather due a typhoon, and the pilot mistakely put the 747 in the wrong runway (05L instead of 05R), and the airport at the time hadn't a ground radar. The 05R/23L runway was under construction, with excavators and a construction site, so the 747 went full throttle to take-off, hit the objects on the runway and crashed killing 83 people.

I like to pay respect to the victims of any airplane crash, by that, I will not put the SPK regs on this airplane.

Also, this repaint was made in memory of all the victims of Singapore Airlines flight 006 and their families.

Since the SPK crashed in 2000 and looks like the special paint was washed off from SPL after the accident, I can't get any high res images, so the airplane it's not 100% accurate. I made my best, and in the following days, I will be open to correct any issue that I can correct. By that, will take a few days to get to Avsim. 

For the PMDG 747 V3!

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This one for all the boludos around the world. Besides Aerosur, Aerolíneas was the only South American operator of the Boeing 747-400.

Indeed, they had orders for the A380, but them came the witch Cristina.

Registration LV-BBU, for the PMDG 747-400 V3 / QOSTII

Updated with reg on the wings + blue winglets + right bird position on the engines, thanks to Rafael Reca tips! Gracias boludo! 

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So the PMDG 747 V3 finally arrived! This master-piece it's just amazing, congrats to all the PMDG team!

Our first repaint for the Queen Of The Skies II will be the biggest fire plane in the earth!

With the origins in the former Evergreen International, the new Global SuperTanker Services came with this Boeing 747, ex-JAL and ex-Evergreen itself.

Carrying up to 75,700 liters, it's the biggest fire plane in this planet. Actually had a lot of media fighting fire in Chile (some people want this 747 to be next president, I agree).

Unfortonately we don't have any water drop pod on the PMDG 747 V3, and neither some water effect, but the paint still awesome!


By the way, I'm not chilean, besides the muchachas from Chile got me crazy last year. =D 
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We are back! Now with the new livery of Air Canada (some peole like, some people not, I'm sorry)
Jokes apart, that mask it's lit!

For the almost forgotten PMDG 777-300ER (I know all you guys are in the Queen right now, I will not judge, I'm there too and working on a new paint, keep eyes open Chilean friends!)

Including the Maple Leaf on the belly and on the engines (you can see from inside, and no, it's not weed).

100% accurate, it's great, you know, it's huge, the another ones are fake news.

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Finishing my series of LATAM repaints for pax aircraft, here come the work-horse of the airline, the Airbus A320! This is the biggest pack of repaints I ever made, including 4 differenties countries and 6 distincts registrations since I have fans here from all over the globe and most all over the Americas. For the Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 package.

PR-MHG Brasil (CFM)

PR-TYA Brasil (Sharklets CFM)

LV-FUX Argentina (IAE)

CC-CQP Colombia (IAE)

CC-CQO Chile (IAE)

CC-BFW Chile (Sharklets CFM)

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